Small groups that meet anywhere to build a personal relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.

Starting a new group is an important responsibility. A volunteer group leader is primarily tasked with timing the 3 segments of the meeting and to assure the meeting purpose stays on the word of God. (Romans: Chapter 8. Verse 28 & Isaiah: Chapter 41. Verse 10 & Timothy: Chapter 2. Verse 15).

To start, a volunteer group leader is required to find at least two or three believers, or potential believers in God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit, including themselves.

(Mathew: Chapter 18. Verse 20 & Chapter 7. Verses 1-5).

Each person can come from any:

religion, group, sect, church, denomination, teachings, mosque, hall, temple, gender, preference, tradition, meeting place, seminary, holistic retreat, ex-sorcery, ex-deity, nationality, culture, country, continent, cult, misfortune, fortune, homeless, handicap, uncircumcision, sin, poverty, beneficiary, non-gentile, destitution, lower middle class, middleclass, upper middle class, race, language, gentile, tribe, fraternal order, oppression, circumcision, color, creed, upper class, or hi-class. (Isaiah: Chapter 55. Verses 1-13 & Chapter 56).

Presently, all SA. materials and ESV bible are in the “Plain English” format. However, people are also encouraged to start groups in their native spoken tongues, only if any volunteer can translate and read English well. (1 Corinthians: Chapter 14. Verses 1-5).

The main requirement to building groups is for each individual to want a personal relationship with God. (Malachi: Chapter 1. Verse 5 & Isaiah: 56. Verses 1-8).

A good start is a prayer before each of the 3 steps on the meeting outline below. Each person in the group can use their first name, emoji, avatar, or an alias name to identify themselves for the meeting calls. It might be beneficial to start a new gmail for anonymity or to keep it separate from work or other personal distractions. (Mathew: Chapter 6. Verses 5-6)

A volunteer group leader is responsible for setting up the time and place of each SA. meeting. If online, contact SA. and a volunteer will brief you on setting up a zoom call, where you can share you screen to the bible lesson plan or information only pertaining to the bible, or information that only comes from the bible, or is based on the bible with quoted scriptures for that meeting purpose.    

If in person, determine a safe location which could be anywhere, meaning: Any location that offers privacy, connectivity, quiet, and is safe and lawful. For example, someone’s home, a diner, open outside park/open area, a coffee shop, and meeting rooms are a good start. Groups should decide for coffee and snacks among themselves (Mark: Chapter 1. Verse 35 & Luke: Chapter 22. Verse 32 & John: Chapter 14. Verse 16).    

SA. is a new mission. To start, the SA. budget and goal is set up by volunteers for one new meeting per week, for one year. Each new group receives one English Standard Version bible at no charge. The bible meeting guide is on this Meeting Page for constant online reference, or if one preferers to print at their cost? Contact SA. and we will send one bible, please also leave an address in the comment box (Mathew: Chapter 25. Verse 40 & Luke: Chapter 6. Verse 38 & Hebrews: Chapter 13. Verse 16).

Volunteer group leaders or volunteers are also welcomed to bring their own English bibles. When reading God’s word translated in plain English in recent times might be easier to understand than a King James type version written over 500 years ago, when English was spoken much differently (Hebrews: Chapter 13. Verse 16 & Proverbs: Chapter 19. Verse 8).

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  • First: The group is encouraged to start a meeting with a bible study for 20-25 minutes.

See SA. PDF’s for Bible Meeting Outlines. (Mathew: Chapter 18. Verse 20.).

  • Secondly: Discussing and praying on each person’s individual needs for 10-15 minutes.

(Mathew: Chapter 6. Verses 5-15.).

  • Thirdly: Meditating on life’s daily challenges for 10-15 minutes. Each person can speak about their spiritual experiences and revelations in relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Each can speak with anonymity, without Judgement by others. (Proverbs: Chapter 21. Verse 2 & Romans: Chapter 2. Verse 1 & Mathew: Chapter 7. Verse 1.).



No Donations Accepted.

We recommend searching online for a local, credible, orphanage, family shelter, or food pantry.

Give what you can to people who are in serious need and make sure they know it is in the name of Jesus Christ. “God Loves a cheerful giver”, (2 Corinthians Chapter 9. Verses 6-9).

SA. meetings hope to motivate one to express themselves personally as they progress in their need to know more about God. Hence, a personal spiritual relationship will grow our faith in God through the bible. (Hebrews: Chapter 11. Verses 1,2 & 3.).

Many religions provide a good service, but could be large, judgmental, corrupted by “peddling” the word of God, abuse plagued, idolatry dependent, or impersonal. Some do not offer the daily spiritual nutrition, that can only come from the bible which is God’s word. But we must remember, the apostle Paul who wrote much of the new testament did not encounter one “perfect” congregation. (Corinthians: Chapter 10. Verses 1-33) (Revelation: Chapters 2 & 3)

SA. meetings are a refuge for those who thirst for more personal spiritual growth and recommends that each person takes this knowledge back to their “Place of worship” and/or cultural worship, to tell others about the enormity of the true God, and gospel of Jesus Christ. (Proverbs: Chapter 16. Verse 3 & Chapter 16. Verse 20 & John: Chapter 15. Verses 7-11.).