Small groups that meet anywhere to build a personal relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.

SA. By-Laws

  1. SA. has no opinion on outside issues, hence the SA. name shall not be drawn into public controversy. We need always to maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, social media, profiles, radio, publications, and/ or media/films. (Proverbs: Chapter 19. Verse 2 & Job: Chapter 40. Verses 1-5.).
  1. If any materials from SA. are sold, or re-sold for profit, or even for humanitarian non-profit use without the permission of SA., that party or person/s will be prosecuted in the forum of local and Federal laws. (Psalms: Chapter 68. Verses 1-6.).
  1. No SA. personal information is to ever be sold, or compromised, as per local State laws and United States Federal Laws. Full Compliance on behalf of SA. will be offered to any local, or Federal governing authorities on Any potential Criminal or any unlawful indictable activities, included, but Not limited to, when/If made knowledgeable of any persons or party’s doing so. (Psalms: Chapter 101. Verses 1-8.).
  1. Any financial SA. gains from court awards gained from litigation, or monetary resources otherwise obtained from SA. related matters shall be delivered by SA. into Effective Orphan Based causes, healing causes, and local food pantries, in the name of Jesus Christ. (James: Chapter 1. Verses 19-27 & James: Chapter 2. Verses 14-27.).
  1. SA. does not accept donations, we recommend searching for a local children’s orphanage, shelter, St Jude cause/type, or food pantry, and giving funds or materials directly in the name of Jesus Christ’. (Proverbs: Chapter 23. Verse 26 & Proverbs: Chapter 31. Verses 6-9 & James: Chapter 2. Verse 27.).

10 Articles of NON-Incorporation: Sinners Anonymous is a Mission, here from.

  1. A need-to-know God should come first, which happens by “Reading the Word of God”.
    (Hebrews: Chapter 4. Verses 11-13 & Deuteronomy: Chapter 5. Verses 1-10).
  1. For humanities purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as expressed in the spirit of our group conscience. An SA. group leader is but a trusted servant to only organize times, and to encourage knowledge research from the bible, and to use present technology in good and practicable ways to find the deep routed answers God gives us in the Truth of the word, which is the Bible. (1 Timothy: Chapter 5. Verse 17 & John: Chapter 4. Verse 24 & 2 Timothy: Chapter 3. Verse 17.).
  1. A person is also encouraged to seek advice for group questions from any church leader, teacher, scientist, priest, professional, pastor, Iman, minister, or Rabbi, that may well be more knowledgeable about God in a particular subject. (Proverbs: Chapter 1. Verses 4 -5 & Jeremiah: Chapter 3. Verse 15 & Proverbs: Chapter 22. Verse 17 & Proverbs: Chapter 23. Verse 12.).
  1. The only requirement for SA is to want a deeper relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Each group is autonomous, and anonymous, anyone can merge in, or out, at any time, without judgement. (Mark: Chapter 11. Verses 25-27 & 1 John: Chapter 1. Verse 10.).
  1. Each group has one primary purpose—To help each person integrate God into our everyday lives. (Psalms: Chapter 4. Verse 1 & Ecclesiastes: Chapter 5. Verses 1-7.).
  1. An SA. group is to never finance or lend the SA. name to any facility or enterprise, lest problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from God’s primary purpose. Any information, newsletters, or shared links on the SA. website can be used for the sole purpose of spreading the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ, without cost to anyone. (2 Corinthians: Chapter 2. Verses 14-17.).
  1. Every SA. group is self-supporting, An SA. Group accepts no donations, except to take a collection for things like coffee or a snack at meetings. Meetings can take place in person, on the phone, or via webcam. The place of the meeting can be anywhere such as a coffee shop, living room, kitchen, or a safe, legal, comfortable designated meeting place, wherever the individual group so desires. Each group figures out the best communication platform, as there are so many outlets in our generation of 2021, which leaves most of us with no excuse. (Matthew: Chapter 18. Verses 18-20 & Nehemiah: Chapter 8. Verses 1-9.).
  1. Sinners Anonymous is a Mission. A non-professional provider of a “Plain English” (ESV) meeting bible, a standard simple bible study syllabus, and general web-site distributed newsletters, to encourage meetings therefrom. Each group figures out their best communication platform, as there are so many in 2021 which leaves most of us, with no excuse. (Joshua: Chapter 18. Verse 1 & Leviticus: Chapter 8. Verses 1-4 & Mark: Chapter 1. Verse 35.).

    8a. No Donations Accepted.

    We recommend searching online for a local, credible, orphanage, family shelter, or food pantry.

    Give what you can to people who are in serious need and make sure they know it is in the name of Jesus Christ. “God Loves a cheerful giver”, (2 Corinthians Chapter 9. Verses 6-9).

  1. SA. is supported by God’s word, God’s Grace, and God’s Blessings, therefore does not have a bank account, any organizational ties, building, or organization member program. SA. does not accept donations. (John: Chapter 3. Verse 34 & Acts: Chapter 2. Verse 38 & Mark: Chapter 15-16.)
  1. Anonymity helps us focus on inner learning, ever reminding us to place God’s principles before our own personalities. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God. We grow to love God and Jesus Christ as we gain understanding of their enormity through the word. To inspire prayer of God’s will for us and the power to carry that out in the name of Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. (John: Chapter 14. Verses 15-20 & Ephesians: Chapter 1. Verse 17 & Acts: Chapter 2. Verse 29-33.).

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